Politics The Truth is hosted by Anika Inman. Each episode reveals a new political, social  justice, and/or criminal justice issue that impacts not only our city but in America. Our  show features conversations with guest hosts, experts and advocates. Anika Inman  brings 15 plus years of business experience which 5 of them in entrepreneurship leading a  consulting business. In addition, she brings her own experience in politics. In this show  you will see her lead the way on seasoned issues impacting our communities.

In our first six-part series our Host Anika Inman will guide the conversation between the  men in uniform and the community to try and heal relationships between the two. There  will be in-depth conversations of where do we go now and what will it take for us to  move forward.

New Mini Series Alert: "Healing the Community and the Cops"

“Healing the Community and the Cops” is A Six-Part Series that brings community members  and police officers together in conversations about  racial trauma, violence, and the police.  By giving the  police departments an opportunity to answer some  questions that most people have wanted answers to  we hope to foster a  mutual understanding, that  can  guide us to answers on how to reduce the incidence  of aggressive policing and use of force amongst the  black community.

We will have real conversations where people  vulnerable and tap into their empathy, their  pain,  and how these injustices also affect their families,  their jobs, and their homes.

Our Host Anika Inman gives a striking overview of the  problem between the Community and the Cops and a brief  explanation of some of the core issues. Viewers will get an  opportunity to see Anika as she does a ride-along and  spends a shift in the passenger seat of an emergency  vehicle, observing the work day of a police officer. The  viewer will get to hear in-depth conversations from real life  police officers as we delve into the truth of what is really  happening to our law enforcement officers.

How Do We Police The Police?

Do Black Cops and Their Family Lives  Matter?

What Needs to Change So that we can  all heal?

What Are You Trained To Do And Why  are their so many cop killings to  innocent people?

How Can We Trust The Badge Again?