Rapper OhkCool

Joins DT's NexGen



Jay Griffy

Kicks off DT Studios NexGen label






Business Plans

By Artist Development
  • Assist independent artists in their business affairs>
  • Help create budgets to provide for touring and recording costs
  • Introduce artist/band to the world of publishing by defining royalty splits
  • Introduce artist to the complexities of music contracts

Social Media Development

By Artist Development
  • Website Development
  • Defining your target audience
  • Writing press releases for your events (i.e. CD release party)
  • Establishing a social networking presence
  • Setting up a press kit (i.e. bio, press clippings, videos, audio tracks)

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Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear

Artist Development

Atlanta Underground

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Atlanta Underground (AU)  is a Hip Hop  Show debuting on the scene in mid August discovering talent in the metro Area.  AU  introduces new music, new talent, new djs and  new artist. Find out who the new front runners are in Underground hip hop community.

New Mini Series Alert :”Healing The Community and The Cop”

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DT Studio will be premiering a new mini series in August  2020  titled “Healing The Cops and The Community.” This is  A Six-Part Series that brings community members  and police officers together in conversations about  racial trauma, violence, and the police.  By giving the  police departments an opportunity to answer some  questions that most people have wanted answers to  we hope to foster a  mutual understanding, that  can  guide us to answers on how to reduce the incidence  of aggressive policing and use of force amongst the  black community.

We will have real conversations where people  vulnerable and tap into their empathy, their  pain,  and how these injustices also affect their families,  their jobs, and their homes.

Stay Tune as the Host Anika Inman gets to The Truth about social injustice in our communities.

Fitness Fix with Makecia

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This is not your ordinary fitness show….Picture it……you’re in the house being a couch potato, going back and forth to the refrigerator because COVID 19 has made you a prisoner in your home. All of a sudden, the  doorbell rings. At your door is Fitness Extraordinaire Makecia Whitfield…and she is there to CLEAN HOUSE or at least your raid the fridge, but not in a good way. Makecia gives tips on healthy eating, losing weight and how to work out with every day items in your house….. This show is informational but most importantly hilarious because it shows views how they can have fun working out. Stay Tuned because you never know whose fridge she’ll raid next.



From Social Media to Success

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Social Media Marks the Beginning.

Back in the day there weren’t nearly as many celebrities as there are now, all thanks to social media.  From the very beginnings of the entertainment industry, it seemed like celebrity status was reserved for a very special few. It took a great deal of hard work, and a very unique set of skills in order for you to secure a position in the spotlight. However, thanks to social media, today anyone can become a star overnight. Social Media has without a doubt, made the largest influence on the entertainment industry. Stars like Justin Bieber would not have been discovered if it weren’t for YouTube, being that he was not even seeking a career as a singer. Before the almost instant connection to the personal lives of celebrities, it seemed as though they were so far away from us ‘normal’ people. Social media has forced a shift in the world of music as well.

How People are Consuming Music is Changing.

Where once (in the early 90’s) all of our friends would hang out and begin the sharing of music files from cool music websites (that ultimately ended in viruses) such as LimeWire. There was also a sky rocketing demand for MP3 players, we now have paid subscriptions to online streaming platforms on our mobile devices giving us millions of songs at our fingertips. Spotify, Apple Music and their rapid growth indicate a shift in consumer expectation for music whenever and wherever. Platforms like YouTube Music, Soundcloud, Pandora and Tidal are also heavily used and you could argue that streaming platforms have become extremely universal. Social Media helps anyone gunning for a career in the music industry; get there in the blink of an eye. Diversified Technologies, LLC (“DT”) and DT Studios (@dt.studios) are on their way to breaking a staggering barrier on Social Media after their meet and greet on 12 March 2020. With the help of social media it is almost inevitable that someone, somewhere hears about you and wants to join your team!

Social Media Stardom.

Brands and businesses have been quick to notice the power of social media influencers on their target markets. In other words, how many followers you have can drive a brand or even YOUR brand to become one of the most world-renowned in almost no time. It sounds easy, I know. But, it only works in you put the work in. Here are a few basic steps to begin your journey to social media success.

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase Sales
  • Improve customer sales
  • Always be HUMAN
  • Scout the Competition

Taking the time out to assure that you have done these steps could drive your social media and your success in due time. Content, Customers, Competitors, all three C’s are crucial to becoming great! Do not ever limit yourself, or give up when it could just be a post away!

What is Entertainment Without Technology?

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 Without technology how would we listen to our favorite artists, watch our favorite movies, or even keep up with what is going on in the entertainment industry at all? The answer is… we couldn’t. The world of entertainment has been undergoing an incredible change in the last decade because of seismic shifts in technology. Its influence of the ultimate success or failure in the world of music and entertainment speaks volumes. From streaming music to downloading it, both of which are radically changing the way people consume content and are profoundly altering the manner in which the industry and artists deliver media to fans.

Speaking of streaming… I am certain we have all heard of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon; but what about Celebrity Media TV? If you have not yet, you soon will. Celebrity Media TV in partnership with DT Studios will become the largest television and music-streaming site and app to hit your computer, TV, phone and much more. Mark my words! You will be given the opportunity to watch your favorite TV shows, listen to your favorite music, and much more for much cheaper than the competitor.

The objective of the entertainment industry is to constantly adapt to the fast-paced and sometimes complicated changes in technology. Luckily for Diversified Technologies, LLC they have a strong understanding that Computer technology in the entertainment industry can provide both a challenge and an opportunity to becoming one of the greatest to ever get the job done. Technology has made its impact on the current status in the world of entertainment and has propagated entertainment’s spread and acceptance. Advancements in entertainment technology are a constant stream of possibilities that are evolving on a daily basis, Diversified Technologies, LLC is limitless and pressing forward in the world of technology, and breaking a barrier in the domain of entertainment and music.

ATL: The Newest Music Hub

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Atlanta is becoming what seems like the nation’s leading hub for the growth and development of the most show stopping artists. This city [Atlanta] encompasses endless boundaries not only in the expansion of music but in the world of business as well. Atlanta has always been a market that was culturally important, and is responsible for the production of vast talent across several different genres… one of the biggest being hip-hop. Housing dozens of famous rappers and record labels, ATL has birthed chart-topping musicians and has reeled in a large number of artists looking to make their big break. The amount of growth this limitless, up and coming city offers leaves nothing but space and opportunity for talent to be discovered. The business behind Atlanta’s booming music industry is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Atlanta is not only the home for major record labels such as Brick Squad, BME Recordings, and Disturbing the Peace, but it is also accepting new labels and opportunities with open arms. Word on the street is, CEO Terence Thomas of Diversified Technologies, LLC is bringing a new record label and recording studio to the Atlanta Streets. DT Studios is hitting the music scene featuring hot new artists such as Jay Griffy (@griffyonline) and Ohkcool (@iamohkcool), all under the production of some of the nation’s hottest producers.

“The days of leaving Atlanta to get business and press done are soon coming to a close. Come to us! There’s so much life in the city. Don’t get me wrong, NYC and LA will always be the hubs for business but it’s time we have a platform in our own city” (Hudson, 2017). Hudson writes in his article Billboard Highlights Business Behind Atlanta’s Music Industry. Atlanta is slowly becoming the home of any and everything necessary for today’s generation to succeed as it holds firm one of the strongest connections to the music culture to date!


Hudson, Phil W. “Billboard Highlights Business behind Atlanta’s Music Industry.”, 2017,

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