From Social Media to Success

Social Media Marks the Beginning.

Back in the day there weren’t nearly as many celebrities as there are now, all thanks to social media.  From the very beginnings of the entertainment industry, it seemed like celebrity status was reserved for a very special few. It took a great deal of hard work, and a very unique set of skills in order for you to secure a position in the spotlight. However, thanks to social media, today anyone can become a star overnight. Social Media has without a doubt, made the largest influence on the entertainment industry. Stars like Justin Bieber would not have been discovered if it weren’t for YouTube, being that he was not even seeking a career as a singer. Before the almost instant connection to the personal lives of celebrities, it seemed as though they were so far away from us ‘normal’ people. Social media has forced a shift in the world of music as well.

How People are Consuming Music is Changing.

Where once (in the early 90’s) all of our friends would hang out and begin the sharing of music files from cool music websites (that ultimately ended in viruses) such as LimeWire. There was also a sky rocketing demand for MP3 players, we now have paid subscriptions to online streaming platforms on our mobile devices giving us millions of songs at our fingertips. Spotify, Apple Music and their rapid growth indicate a shift in consumer expectation for music whenever and wherever. Platforms like YouTube Music, Soundcloud, Pandora and Tidal are also heavily used and you could argue that streaming platforms have become extremely universal. Social Media helps anyone gunning for a career in the music industry; get there in the blink of an eye. Diversified Technologies, LLC (“DT”) and DT Studios (@dt.studios) are on their way to breaking a staggering barrier on Social Media after their meet and greet on 12 March 2020. With the help of social media it is almost inevitable that someone, somewhere hears about you and wants to join your team!

Social Media Stardom.

Brands and businesses have been quick to notice the power of social media influencers on their target markets. In other words, how many followers you have can drive a brand or even YOUR brand to become one of the most world-renowned in almost no time. It sounds easy, I know. But, it only works in you put the work in. Here are a few basic steps to begin your journey to social media success.

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase Sales
  • Improve customer sales
  • Always be HUMAN
  • Scout the Competition

Taking the time out to assure that you have done these steps could drive your social media and your success in due time. Content, Customers, Competitors, all three C’s are crucial to becoming great! Do not ever limit yourself, or give up when it could just be a post away!