ATL: The Newest Music Hub

By March 16, 2020 July 10th, 2020 Entertainment, Music, Uncategorized

Atlanta is becoming what seems like the nation’s leading hub for the growth and development of the most show stopping artists. This city [Atlanta] encompasses endless boundaries not only in the expansion of music but in the world of business as well. Atlanta has always been a market that was culturally important, and is responsible for the production of vast talent across several different genres… one of the biggest being hip-hop. Housing dozens of famous rappers and record labels, ATL has birthed chart-topping musicians and has reeled in a large number of artists looking to make their big break. The amount of growth this limitless, up and coming city offers leaves nothing but space and opportunity for talent to be discovered. The business behind Atlanta’s booming music industry is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Atlanta is not only the home for major record labels such as Brick Squad, BME Recordings, and Disturbing the Peace, but it is also accepting new labels and opportunities with open arms. Word on the street is, CEO Terence Thomas of Diversified Technologies, LLC is bringing a new record label and recording studio to the Atlanta Streets. DT Studios is hitting the music scene featuring hot new artists such as Jay Griffy (@griffyonline) and Ohkcool (@iamohkcool), all under the production of some of the nation’s hottest producers.

“The days of leaving Atlanta to get business and press done are soon coming to a close. Come to us! There’s so much life in the city. Don’t get me wrong, NYC and LA will always be the hubs for business but it’s time we have a platform in our own city” (Hudson, 2017). Hudson writes in his article Billboard Highlights Business Behind Atlanta’s Music Industry. Atlanta is slowly becoming the home of any and everything necessary for today’s generation to succeed as it holds firm one of the strongest connections to the music culture to date!


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